Four Union SC Restaurants That Are Sure To Fit Your Southern Fancy

There are still some great restaurants to review in Union SC. This first one even features a bakery, its claim to fame, according to reviews. You are going to want to eat some good food as you make it by all of those attractions that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Stop on by these four establishments that are serving up great meals in Union, South Carolina.

It was mentioned that this first one features a bakery. Kirby’s is the place, and it is located at 1222 South Duncan Bypass. Not only can you pick up great baked goods, but Kirby’s also does wedding cakes. Order up Reubens, BLTs and more. One of the menu highlights is the chicken salad, too. It is a lovely and charming place to visit.

Bantam Chef is up next, and it is located at 800 South Pinckney Street. It is said to be a favorite of the locals in Union SC, and it is a place that is also said to serve up the best potato soup. Bantam Chef is a warm and Inviting restaurant that is great for families and also serves up some delicious milkshakes. Order up a Reuben, slaw dog, hamburger or whatever else it is that you crave.

Now it is time for some great Mexican food. La Fogata is a good place to stop by. This establishment is located at 441 North Duncan Bypass, and it is said to feature a nice atmosphere and great service as well. You know that the salsa is going to be an indication of what the food is going to be like. Just wait until you eat the chips and salsa at this wonderful Mexican restaurant. La Fogata is a treat.

Heart’s is another great place to stop by for a meal in Union. Located at 268 Long Street, Heart’s is known for burgers & fries and southern cooking. Hamburger steak, fish, hot dogs and chicken are other foods you can expect to see on the menu. What a cool name, too, right? Enjoy a meal at Heart’s and see if you don’t feel a warm welcome.

You aren’t going to go hungry in Union SC. These four great restaurants have you covered and then some. Pick which one suits you best, and enjoy a nice meal. Union is full of wonderful restaurants to choose from, and you have been introduced to some of the best.